I had said SRGZ was worth a spec buy a week or so ago,and warned about how thin it traded(it can not trade a share for days). Often the spread was .30-.40,more like dealing in options than a stock. I had also said it was ok to pay .40,(as I did for some),but it was buy and sell by appointment,it is so thin and you could be down by big chunks in a heartbeat(of course it’ll work the other way on the way up). Someone hit the bid of 10,000 at .30,and now the bid is 10,000 at .2001 and the ask is 3,104 at .50! If we ever get going this thing could get back to it’s old highs in the 4-5 range fast. It’s a spec,but a spec with a good plan of action to get to production in a couple of years. But if someone sells one share at the bid,I’m down 50{3ae6b0a24a521b301b02e54ba5f43cd736cb497905a09a0024a125624ea68188},if they buy one share at the ask I’m up 25{3ae6b0a24a521b301b02e54ba5f43cd736cb497905a09a0024a125624ea68188}. Pretty wild,trying to decide where to put a bid for a bit more that may never fill....     Thanks, MB